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January 6, 2012

Who are you?
Confused and lost,
Falling so deep, deeper.

Why do you struggle so?
In the world of lost innocence
Childhood is just a memory.

Don't leave me yet, darling.
I need you.

I thought about you yesterday and all the days before that.
You've promised me that you would love me forever.
But you didn't say forever could ever hurt like this.
I want to hide under the bed so I don't ever
have to see your pretty face again.
There are monsters down there.
And they remind me of you,
because you are the worst
monster of them all.
You hurt me.
Go away.


  1. This post is breathtakingly beautiful. And heartbreaking. I hope the one who broke your heart knows what he's done. To shatter such a beautiful soul should be a crime.
    From your words I can tell it was more than just a regular love. If you ever need to talk, let me know.

  2. Your words crawl into my ears and massage my lobes.

    I love your posts.

  3. "But you didn't say forever could ever hurt like this."

    *gasping for air*
    Your words are stunning, heartbreaking, beautiful. It only hurts my heart to know you are hurting. I wish I can hug you right now. I love you.

  4. Hi. Wow, it was so beautifully sad and amazing.

  5. Did you ever get a chance to get over to sweat365? it really is an amazing place to log workouts. (lovingcfk.sweat365.com) set it up and then add me! :)

  6. Hey Meg,
    The arrow, pointing down. I like that, the image reflecting the words. You express so poignantly. Thank you.
    Love & Inspiration,
    Vee X


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