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February 13, 2011

Middle finger to:

  • The jerks who broke my heart.
  • The bitches who talked shit behind my back.
  • The backstabbing bastards.
  • The unworthy so called friends who betrayed my trust.
  • The ones who gave up and just found it easier to walk away.
  • The heartless people who left without a word of reason.
  • The assholes who give off mixed signals just to lead me on.
  • The hit it and quit it douche bags.
  • The morons who weren't worth my tears.
  • The fucktards who thought I wasn't good enough.
  • The idiots who told me I couldn't.

Who would you show middle finger to?

~ Meg


  1. Middle finger to:
    - Those people who always told me I couldn't.
    - The ones who discouraged me.
    - The jerks who used their words to make me worthless.
    - The guys who thought I wasn't good enough.
    - The girls who thought they were better than me.
    - The family members who though I wouldn't achieve my goals.
    - The father who was never there.

    I'm glad I found your blog again! I missed reading your posts ♥

  2. I love the ballet theme <3 so much thinspo. Middle finger to:
    those bastards who used to make fun of me for my eating disorder
    the ones who called me fat
    my parents for drawing so much negative attention to me
    all those who didn't think I could do it.

    I love your posts!

  3. you said enough, my sweet.
    middle finger to those people who wasted my love. screw them all. should i say, screw him.

  4. YESSSS... MORE Valentines day hatred. So awesome.

  5. middle finger to all the people told me i couldn't when I was a kid

    your list pretty much covers it all.

    ~ Harlow


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