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February 24, 2011

J is for jealousy

And her jaw dropped when she saw that girl, so jealous she was and so amazed. And in her inconsolable state of being she was unable to move, speak or feel. She once again was numb but this time it felt good. Her body was doing whatever it could to fall but she wouldn't let it.

As she was standing there, trying to hold all of the pieces of her heart together, for a moment she forgot who she was. Only the wind brought back all of her senses. She wanted to be rescued, yet no longer wished to be found.

A sole tear rolled down her cheek and froze in place. She touched this precious tear with her finger and realized that she didn't know how to be happy anymore. That was when she decided that she would find the way from the darkness she put herself into. And then, yet again, Meg gave up before she even tried...

~ Meg


  1. oh feel better, love. we really do care. And I'm sure if you let them, a lot of people in your life would want to help. it's okay to need some one else to lean on.

    all the love in the world can belong to you if you're willing to accept it.

    sending some of that love your way <3

  2. I love you sweetie <3 Hang in their because even in tough times know that evryone of us is here to hold your hand and lead you through the dark

  3. =( -hugs you tightly- feel better...
    I love your wording.

  4. i just want to let you know, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. if you ever need anything, im here. *hugs* i know its not enough, but its all i can give. <3

  5. Aww, darling, it's always worth trying, isn't that right? You keep trying, fail, but that won't break you, because you're much stronger than any of the obstacles that wait for you on the way. When you keep trying, you WILL achieve whatever you want. On the other hand, if you don't try, you'll never know what you could have had!

    Hope you feel better soon... there are a lot of people in here that truly care. Look how far you've come so far, love!

    Stay strong, because you are amazing and simply CAN do anything.

    Love from a new follower,

  6. hey meg. thanks for the comment. I love this piece mind you I don't like you feeling this way.
    hope it all works out.


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