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January 2, 2011

Day 3: Your parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am sorry. I haven't been the best child in the world. I wanted to punish you for all the pain you've caused me but instead I should have just done my best to love you.

Mom, you have always been there for me. You understood everything I'd ever told you, even if no one else did. You were a part of every important event of my life. I could tell you everything and still can. You encouraged me in my decisions and you made me the person I am today. You always cared about me and that is something I can never forget. Sometimes I wished for less attention from you, but then I realized how amazing it was that you cared about me so much. I very much regret all the bad things I have done to you and even though you seem to have forgiven me, I know you can never forget. So many times I told you that I hated you and I wish you would know that I have never told you a bigger lie in my life. I love you with my whole heart. I have never loved someone more than I love you.

Dad, I love you too. You were my harbor when something was wrong. I always ran to you when there was nowhere else to go. You always wanted to protect me from whatever you could and I never honored you enough for that. I miss you a lot. I wish we would spend more time together when I was younger, I wish you would tell me that you cared but I know that is a high demand because I've never told you so either. You cannot be replaced by anyone, you have a unique place in my heart. I wish we would talk more often, I wish we would understand each other better. I wish the only time I see you wouldn't be only once in a couple of months. Despite everything, I love you.

Both of you have been important part of my life, if only for the fact that the blood of you is running in my veins. But that is not the only thing. You gave me life and much more. You made me experience the cruel reality of this world when I was only 8 years old. You caused me pain. You screamed at me. You screamed at each other. You made my childhood end very soon, way too soon. But you haven't done those things intentionally. In fact, you have done very nice things too. And when I think about it now, all the good things weigh much more than the bad ones.

~ Meg

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  1. Oh, meg.. this is so sweet... it takes a great tons of courage for some people to actually say that... i hope you'll be able to send these to your parents :)


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