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January 1, 2011

Day 8: Your favorite internet friend

Dear Haze,

I want to thank you sincerely for being you. Your words, always so full of wisdom and beauty, often help me get through my days. They make me breathe a little easier and bring smile on my face. I read your words carefully over and over again, just so I can spend a little more time with you each day.

You are so much more wonderful than I could ever express in words. You have a beautiful soul, which is something that is extremely precious nowadays. You should be treated with such care as if you were the most fragile thing in this world. People shouldn't ever try to hurt you.

I know you have many dreams and wishes and I wish they would all come true for you. Do not give up on them because some day your dreams might be the only thing that will remain only yours, untouched.

I am always here for you if you need me. I can be the one to put your beautiful broken feathers back into place if there is no one else to do it for you. I hate to see you despair. But even if you do, you do it with such a grace it breaks my heart.

And whenever I look at the moon, I see you. You always shine for me in the darkness.
I wish you all the happiness in the world.

~ Meg

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  1. My darling, you make me cry. I've been crying all night yesterday and the other night. But these tears I shed for you is the tears of happiness. Happiness for the reason that I have someone, though living in the other side of the world but always looking at the same beautiful skies, who cares and appreciate whatever it is that's in me. Whether it be pain, joy, or love.

    I can only ask you one thing, darling, please don't stop living. Be strong, stay strong. I will always be here for you. And I love you.

    p.s. This letter made me so happy. Our lunar hearts beat the same lonely and hopeful song. I wish you the best, always.
    p.p.s. Can I post this in tumblr?xx


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