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January 2, 2011

Day 2: Someone you secretly think is cute

Dear Jack,

you probably have no idea that I exist. I see you every day. You always look so cute. I know we have several mutual friends but I feel too uncomfortable talking about you with one of them. We are probably never going to talk together and you are probably never going to know my name. That is fine, let me just secretly adore you and smile when I think you aren't looking.

I don't know anything about your personality. I would love to get to know you but I don't know how. Maybe it's better like this, since I am afraid to let people too close. What if you were the one who would break the fence and hurt me? Maybe you are idiot, but I believe that is not true. As far as I know, you like the same music as me. Exactly the same music. If there are more interests we share, we would be perfect together. But we would have to exclude looks from our definition of perfection, because even though you are beautiful, you cannot make up for my looks. If only you could like me back. If only you could make my days better. I would give you everything that is there left from myself in return.

The only thing I really wanted to tell you is that you are cute. All the other stuff was written spontaneously.

~ Meg


  1. i love it. its hard when you have feelings for someone and you know you cant do anything to get them reciprocated.
    love the new layout. a little dark but like the pics.

  2. you write quite well, my darling. im jealous, although ive heard jealousy is a bad thing to harbor.
    i wish you could see that you are beautiful, because even though i dont know what you look like i bet that you are absolutely dazzling.
    [[sending hopeful confidence your way]]

    stay lovely. <3

  3. I think everyone has this feeling at some point so I can completely relate to it...
    Your writing is very beautiful, you have a real talent for it. :)


~ You brigthen my day. Thank you for doing that. Stay lovely. ~