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October 22, 2010

My beloved friend

Without you I would be lost. You gave me strength to fight for life when I was just about to give up. You held me on top of the cliff when I was about to fall. You kept a smile on my face when I was about to break down. You kept me sane when I thought I wouldn't make it. Often I would be giving life a chance only for you.

But you flew away from me and fell asleep forever. Now there's a huge hole inside my heart where you once have been. I don't know how to live without your guidance, I don't know what to do. I am truly lost.

~ Meg


  1. I have missed you SOOOOO much. Seriously. I kept reading your blogs when I could.
    I love your little tribute. Its well written. I am back and I am getting back on track.

    Loads of love.glad everything is cool with you.

  2. Hello dear (:
    I just started following you. You are such a sweetheart. I love the thinspo on your page. Stay beautiful.


  3. This post made me smile. :) LOVE you! :)


~ You brigthen my day. Thank you for doing that. Stay lovely. ~