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July 8, 2010

Heaven and Hell

When this started, I think we didn't realize what we do realize now.

That we slowly built up a hell around ourselves as eating disorders took over our lives. Eating disorders broke our innocence and as much as we wanted to save it, we couldn't. They stole everything we had: friends, family, even our freedom. They made us empty in more ways than just one. They made us feel ugly and worthless. They stole the sparkle from our eyes. They killed our last shred of hope.

They made us believe this was Heaven. They made us love them. We love, need and want them.

We became the slaves of our addiction.

~ Meg


  1. love you too...I enjoyed this post..=] its the ugly truth put blatantly.

  2. so very true. hang in there deary.
    stay strong.

  3. Its so true. But I love AN more than about anything except a few wonderful friends. Some days I try to let her go and she bites back and I end up hating myself more than before. TO love myself I have to love her. Its messed up, but its true.
    Stay strong girl, I love you!


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