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June 22, 2010

A month from now...

I will be seventeen years old. I don't feel ready to be another year older. Not that many things will change. It's just that time is running so fast. I feel like I've achieved nothing in the past year. Actually, I've probably achieved nothing in all 16 years of my life.

I've lived a life full of tears, sorrow, regrets, resentment, anger, fear, shame, anxiety, disappointment, happiness, forgiveness, jealousy, hope, love and hate. Years have been filled but every day I feel more and more empty.

I'm so pathetic.

~ Meg


  1. the lovely thing about being 17 is the potential of the future....
    Im 17, (we're pretty much the same age) going to college next year. because i'm wanting to blossom into something more than an eating disorder, but continue IN my eating disorder.
    we CAN live like this without all the sorrow and regret.

  2. I would agree with gaunt future. We CAN and we WILL live this way. You dont have to feel like you have wasted 16 years. Cheer up, 17 is awesome! And remember I love you! :)


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